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              We All Provide TEG & Solutions for JISSO.

              TEL. +81-92-405-8711

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              Provide new value through TEG, from Japan to the world!

              We open up next-generation assembly technology for semiconductor with leading-edge technologies and information that we have developed over many years.As the de facto standard, our products are used in the research and development site world wide.Our well experienced architects can also custom-make TEG to better suit your needs.A wide variety of film sputtering and deposition, back grinding, dicing, bump forming, assembing and analysis are available.Our high-quality service are all Made in Japan!

              * TEG = Test Element Group * KIT = Test Kit


              NEW!New catalog"Ver.25"released.
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              WALTS website updated!

              WALTS-TEG WM40-0103JY
              WALTS-TEG IPWM40-0101JY
              WALTS-TEG HBM-T-0100JY
              WALTS-TEG IPHBM-0100JY
              WALTS-TEG FC120JY
              WALTS-TEG FBW40A-0001JY
              WLP-TEG (Free Size Cut)
              WALTS-TEG HPW-MarkⅡ-0101JY
              WALTS-TEG LCD30A-0101JY
              WALTS-KIT 01A120P(S)-10
              WALTS-KIT FC120(S)
              SIPOS-TEG SI06
              New catalog"Ver.24"released.
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              WALTS introduces new products!
              WALTS-TEG MB130A-0101JY
              WALTS-TEG CC40-0101JY
              WALTS-TEG IP40-0101JY
              WALTS-TEG IP40A-0101JY
              WALTS-TEG CC80MarkⅡWM-0101JY
              WALTS-TEG WM40-0101JY
              WALTS-TEG WM40-0102JY
              WALTS-TEG CC80MarkⅣ-0101JY(A/B)
              WALTS-TEG IP80MarkⅣ-0101JY
              WALTS-TEG FBW80-0001JY
              WALTS-TEG STACTEG-150FA-0101JY
              WALTS-TEG STACTEG-300FA-0101JY
              WALTS-TEG HPWTEG-150FA-0101JY
              WALTS-TEG HPWTEG-300FA-0101JY
              WALTS-TEG HPW TSV-0101JY

              WALTS-KIT 01A200P-10_C400 1×1
              WALTS-KIT WLP 300P/400P
              New catalog"Ver.22"released.
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              WALTS website updated!
              WALTS introduces new products!

              TEG CC80TSV-0101JY
              TEG CC80MarkⅡ-0101JY
              TEG FBW200-0001JY
              TEG FBW150-0001JY
              TEG FBW130-0001JY
              TEG FBW100-0001JY
              WLP TEG(0.4mm pitch & 0.3mm pitch)
              WLP TEG( Free Size Cut TEG: TEG0306, TEG0408, TEG0510)
              TEG ME0201JY
              TEG HPW-0101JY

              KIT CC80-0103JY_NCR
              KIT CC80-FR1
              KIT CC80MarkII-0201JY
              KIT STAC-0201JY
              New catalog"Ver.21"released.
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              WALTS CO.,LTD.

              Fukuoka System LSI Center #608, 3-8-33 Momochihama, Sawara-Ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, 814-0001 JAPAN

              TEL +81-92-405-8711